Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Saturday Feed The Birds Dress

Dear Dress Lovers,
Just popping in to show you my Saturday get-up.  Casual.  Comfy.  Made for typing all day (my job at home) and going outside on breaks to feed and photograph the birds.

Skirt:  Breeches, thrifted
Above the knee socks:  Rue 21, new
Shoes:  Via Uno, thrifted
Tank:  Hanes, new
Sweater:  Casual Corner Annex, thrifted, 25 cents (yes, that's what I said)
Now how about some bird pictures from the past few days?

Eastern bluebirds and a queue of sparrows.

Chipping sparrows.

Male and female cardinals.  (At bottom you can see beak of woodpecker and a sparrow(?).

Eastern bluebird.


Tufted titmouse.

Carolina chickadee.

Though we may have sense and money, to buy ourselves lovely clothes, the birds are arrayed beyond anything man could imagine or create.  Tiny hearts beating.  Glorious plumage.  Brilliant colors.  The birds have a fashion world all their own!


  1. Oh wow, such a great view into the lives of these sweet little birds!

  2. Those birds are adorable. I love the Cardinal, I've never seen one before.
    We've a cheeky robin who sits on the sill chirruping at me when he's hungry. x

  3. Hey! I love your bird photos. You've got so many colourful birds in the area where you live and so many creative places to feed them.

  4. Wonderful pics of the birds! So pretty. We have chickadees and sparrows here.

  5. Beautiful photos of the birds, Lynn, and you look lovely in pastel pink stripes. xxxx

  6. Wonderful photos Lynn! The Tufted Titmouse is a darling. Pretty skirt, this does look like a nice comfy outfit. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  7. WOW! How amazing having all those cute little coloured birdies popping by!! Lucky! YOu look great in the pastel.

  8. I just love watching little birds on our feeders, so it's lovely to see some North American species, they're so pretty! Your skirt is very pretty too, I like that delicate pink a lot

  9. I love birds too - the colours of yours are amazing. I never realised that cardinals were that red!! Comfi outfits are a very important part of a wardrobe.

  10. More bird pictures please! I adore birds and am always eager to see those from other places! I saw a blue jay on a repeat of The Big Bang Theory the other day and had to record it just to show Andy as it was so beautiful and nothing like our jays (who are beautiful in their own right, but that blue jay has a spectacular tail!). The cardinal is just so beautiful, as are the eastern bluebirds. Your Carolina Chickadee is so like our march/willow tits.


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