Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Place To Primp

Dear Dress Lovers,

Do you love having a special, very girly place that is just yours?  Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up (and out) the corner of my bedroom that is "just mine." 

Vintage quilt.  Not-so-vintage beagle:  Annie Fatso Beagle of the Universe.

Toile lampshade.

A hand full of red-berried stems stand with my hair sticks.

A vintage hankie covers up my long hair rollers that stand in a pewter pitcher.

Smile for the camera.

Vintage suitcases make great storage.  Great furniture.  Something beautiful.

Silky dress.  Crocheted baby sweater.  Edwardian style dress (wedding?).  Vintage slip.

Light makes me very, very happy. 

Opps.  Sorry Mama!  I forgot to close the top left drawer all the way. 

One of my favorite thrifted finds ever.  This very heavy lamp covered in cherubs. 

Lotions and potions.  We girls love that, you know.

The top of a vintage wicker-y shelf is covered with vintage handkerchiefs.

Victorian busy-ness on a heart-shaped box that holds hair things.

I do hope you enjoyed your visit to my humble boudoir.  Do you have a place that is only yours?  A place that is girly and sweetly, neatly cluttered with precious things? 

I think a very important part of aging beautifully is taking care of yourself.  Every day.  No matter your age.  Be the best you can be.  And don't forget to smile. 


  1. I love this special peek into your girly corner. It's so feminine and sweet. I can almost smell perfume!

  2. Such a cozy and feminine corner full of interesting, beautiful and useful things. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Beautiful pictures and beautiful words. Thank you !! "Be the best you can be" is great words of wisdom.

  4. I love your girly place. I took over my daughters room when she left and make it into a rather messy closet. After your post I have the need to make it more girly too.
    Have a fabulous Sunday, dear Dylan

  5. what a sweat spot. The light in my bedroom is so bad(one north facing window) I pretty much do all my girly stuff in my bathroom.

  6. Gorgeous bedroom, such a calming happy atmosphere to it. I love your toile lampshade and those vintage slips are amazing. Glorious!

  7. I love your girly place. It's oh so romantic and - maybe you know - I love soft pastel colours at the moment. all the details are so thoughtfully and carefully arranged. It's pure bliss. I hope you find the time to be there several moments every day. Best wishes

  8. oh my so swinging in mine is a problem!!

  9. Your room is gorgeous, everything I adore flowers, antique furniture, toile! Oh my the edwardian dress is heavenly, if you ever want to sell it ahem! xxx

  10. What a very feminine and pretty space, Lynn, full of personal touches. Love the lamp and the vintage dresses and slip hanging up.
    No, I don't have any space that is mine, or pretty, or private. Wish I did! xxx

  11. I can't imagine a more suitable room for you, it's so pretty and ladylike and of another era. xxx

  12. I did enjoy my visit to your room Lynn, it's all so beautiful, I would feel so peaceful getting ready in such a lovely space. I love the thrift store lamp with cherubs around it, and I too like lots of light, it chases the blues away I think. My hubby would say our whole bedroom is my space, I have kind of taken it over, it's the one room in the house that really reflects what I love I think, hence it is very messy and cluttered a lot of the time! xx

  13. Awwwwww Lynn thank you so much for sharing you personal wee corner of your world:). There's nothing quite so heavenly as spending time in a friend's bedroom, poking through all the loveliness on display and your's is absolutely divoooooooooooon darling!!! I have a 1940s waterfall-style dressing table in need of some tidying up and your post has inspired me to get cracking on it this week:). Hugs to you, xoxoxo

  14. Your room is so lovely. Adore the dresses hanging up!! Really beautiful room :) xx

  15. I'm inspired to have a little reorganise of my room now. Your room is very pretty indeed and I love all the sweet little touches you've added and that thrifted cherub lamp is fantastic xx

  16. You have the most gorgeous boudoir I've ever seen! So many pretty things, and lovely colours. I most be heaven to fall asleep in.

    I don't have a whole room to myself, but when it comes to bedroom design I'm an autocrat. I'll have to post photos on the blog. It's of course no way nearly as lovely as your vintage heaven!

  17. Oh how lovely!!! I love all.of the little feminine touch's!!!


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