Thursday, January 3, 2013

Red, White and Black

Dear Dress Lovers,

Feeling just a touch steampunkish today.  Love this belt.  Love these boots.  Love the romantic red flowers against the black.

off white shirt:  J. Jill, thrifted
black lacy T:  thrifted
rosey skirt:  thrifted, Carole Little
black skirt: Loft, thrifted
belt:  Ruza, thrifted
boots:  Steve Madden, new
brooch:  handmade by yours truly


  1. I love big, bold belts too. They make me feel so strong - I watched A LOT of Wonder Woman as a child. Your belt is fabulous and I absolutely adore the layering here.

    Happy New Year, Lynn!


  2. Yes, I see the steampunk but you've blended it so magnificently with your ethereal quality. I always love your brooches! I was just catching up - so many beautiful looks, Dylan. Your homemade peasant skirt is perfect and would not look out of place in a high-end fashion outlot. Happy New Year.

  3. I love the look. Your brooch is beautiful.

  4. Daring and wonderful layering, Dylan.
    Happy New year.

  5. Ooh yes, the lacey t-shirt looks a bit corset-y, it's lovely! And black and red are always a fabulous combination.
    Happy new year to you, Lynn! xxxx

  6. Love the layers and red flowers on black always draws me in, and that beautiful brooch, and the boots! Love it all Lynn, Happy New Year to you and your family. xx

  7. Love the layering, so pretty!! You look enchanting and the brooch you made tops it off perfectly!! I hope your new year is going well so far...have a fun weekend doll xx

  8. love the lace detail on the top. This outfit is fab all round, love the layering with the chunky boots xx

  9. What a gorgeous outfit Dylan, I love the layering and the beautiful brooch. Happy New Year to you!

  10. Loving your amazing blog . Wish you A Happy and Splendid New Year 2013 :)


  11. Great Post!

    This is a nice look, and I'm so in love with your necklace ..

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  12. Lynn, your layering is really smart and pretty. What a great lace detail on the back. You have an eye for good dresses. Love your new Madden boots. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  13. You seem to have alot of fun posing in your lovely dresses. I like how you're twirling around in the black velvet dress - and the poses where you are holding the picture of the red bird are cute too. You seem to have a carefree spirit - I like that. :)

    Nice blog! :)

  14. brilliant brooch....not just a pretty face!!

  15. Dear Lynn, I would like to pass The Liebster award on to you. I was just awarded it and had to choose 11 other blogs with a readership of less than 300 to pass the award to.

    No worries if it is not something you are interested in, I just wanted to pass it along to you as I so enjoy your great blog.

    Details of the award and how it works can be found at the latest post on my blog at

    Emalina x

  16. I love the shot of the back of that dress! I love steampunk days.

  17. I've probably said this before but I love how your posts tell a story with photos. Even something as simple as the bowl adds so much mystery. You look lovely. I'm not that familiar with steampunk fashion, but what I do love this outfit, especially on you.

  18. I love how you do steampunk. That underskirt is perfect, and pinning one of your brooches to a purse is inspired!


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