Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking Back at 2012 -- Part IV

Dear Dress Lovers,

Every time I look back, I cannot believe what it does to me.  There is something about photographs.  They capture reality.  They capture feelings.  It is very good to look back, if it's done in the right way.  I need to be sure and nourish and protect the things that bring peace and make me happy; and I need to let go of the things that just about did me in!

I enjoyed finding cute, short skirts and adding lace or other skirt pieces to them to make them longer.

I fell in love with vintage sytle...

including trying on truly vintage dresses in antique and thrift stores.
I found a beautiful new garden center near where my new (married) home would be. 

Continued playing with hairstyles.

Enjoyed gifts and lots of comfort and support from my sweet mother!

I  began to look around the apartment and think of what I wanted to sell, keep, donate, as I planned to move to a new home in June. 

The things I want to keep focused on:

Less clutter, lots of light.
Continuing to collect vintage dresses and clothes, being very judicious about what I buy
The love of my life and our relationship
Taking care of my health the best that I can; health is such a cumulative thing.  Day by day, we are making our bodies what they'll be as we age.

Now.  How about something current? 

I found some amazing boots this week!  Chinese Laundry.  4 bucks.  Yes.

Skirt:  Boston Proper
Blouse:  Style & Co.
Vest/Shirt:  6 Degrees
Tights:  Koh'ls Apt. 9
Boots:  Chinese Laundry

How about you?  Do you plan more to hang on to things from 2012; or let go of more?



  1. I will be letting go of quite a few things this year, but at the same time I will be acquiring other new to me, exiting things. I love your layered look with the short skirt and the longer one underneath. Cool boots too!!

  2. 2012 was a good year! Those Chinese Laundry boots are fierce!

  3. Hi Dylan! This is a great way to look back at things. I love having a peek into your sweet vintage styled life. You have such a unique retro flavor to your blog and your style. I think bogging has helped me over the last year narrow down or streamline what my style is and then refine it from there. It's also helped me to not care so much what others may think and to embrace my taste and what makes me different. It comes from all this encouragement we receive in these fabulous comments!

  4. I love that picture of you in the pink polka dots, what a fabulous frock that is!
    The garden centre with those incredible plaster busts & pineapples looks like my dream place! xxx

  5. Awesome new boots! I love how glowing your smile is in all the photos. Hope 2013 brings you lots of fresh air and inspiration!

  6. I do have lots of plans for 2013 Lynn, the last two years have been pretty exhausting and tough and I want to make this a good year with lots more fun than I've been having for a while, Blogger has been a fantastic discovery for me in the last few months and I really feel like reading you ladies' blogs daily has been just what I was needing to get me out of my slump. Love those first three pics of you. The first two outfits are just the sort of thing I always have particularly loved and you look so pert and pretty in the third one. Love your new boots too, boots are a bit of an obsession for me, I've got rid of lots of pairs and still have too many. xx

  7. I love the first outfit, very pretty. Great boots too, what a bargain!


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