Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weird Doll Wednesday -- 'Shrooms and Shoes

Dear Dress Lover,

Thorne Garnet started quite a fun trend with her Weird Doll Wednesday.  I am a doll maker in my spare time, so I thought I'd share my most recent creation.  Camilla Estelle.  Forest dweller.  Mushroom picker.  Herbal wise woman.

I in love with her profile!

I love her basket of mushrooms.  I will have more details about her later on my blog, A Bit of Birdsong.  Meanwhile...

Skirt:  Thrifted, Newport News jeanology, 3$.
Gray tee:  Gap, thrifted, 3$.
Blouse:  j. crew, thrifted, 3$.
Tights:  Apt. 9 from Kohl's, new.
Shoes:  Thrifted, Via Uno, 4$.
Scarf:  Thrifted, 1$.
Doll:  Handmade by yours truly.
Brooch:  Handmade by yours truly.


  1. Lovely doll! I like that you characterized her as a forest dweller, mushroom picker and herbal wise woman. Sounds magical to me. In one of my next posts I will show a doll I made some years ago. Her name is Miss Molly Polly and she likes drinking tea and eating cake. Stay tuned.

  2. Both you are Camille Estelle are just lovely!
    I adore her bright mushrooms and knowing gaze, as well as your printed tights, shawl, and hemline.

  3. I do not think that doll is weird. She is really utterly drop dead gorgeous. As are you. AWESOME tights.

  4. I was surprised at the size of the doll when I saw it in your palms. So tiny! And so detailed. Amazing work.

  5. Gosh I didn't know you made dolls, how lovely! She's exquisite, and looks like a wise soul :)

    Another gorgeous outfit Lyn, those tights are so special!

  6. Hi Lynn, first of all, let me make a fuss about this unique little doll!!! She has the most adorable features and like you said, her profile is so lovely aaaannndd the fact that you put shrooms in her basket just thrills me. You are really talented in so many ways, Lynn. Also, those apt. 9 tights are calling my name, I saw them in kohls twice now, I many have to break down and buy them. Love your shoes!!! Have a great day! dawn suitcase vignettes xo I'm gonna visit your store that I noticed on your face page.

  7. She's a beauty, love that!! Love her features...talented one you ;) And those shoes and tights, they are so much fun :))) I hope you are having a great week so far doll xx

  8. He's got a really interesting face, you've really given her life. I love the colour of your shoes! They're gorgeous!

  9. That doll is so interesting - you are quite talented - it looks that it will start talkin to you -

    Ariane xxx

  10. Camille is charming - I love her basket of mushrooms. And you're right, the profile is wonderful.
    And you look so fresh in that gorgeous denim skirt with the apron corners(?). Your sock combination in the last post too was spectacular. And I saw some satin... Just beautiful, all of them.

  11. Ah Dylan, you are amazing. What a great personality she has already- I can almost imagine a voice, a little low and husky and soft as a whisper. My mom loves dolls, and wanted to make them when she retired. She's retired but not yet gotten around to this wonderful craft. I hope she sees yours and gets inspired! PS: Those shoes are the bomb!

  12. What a neat doll! At the last art crawl, there was a collection of dolls who were seated on swings. I wish I had gotten a picture of them because I think they would have been right up your alley. unfortunately it was in one of the galleries I didn't feel comfortable bringing my camera out.

    Your denim skirt is such a great cut!


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