Thursday, December 6, 2012

Right color. Right fabric. Right fit. Vintage Laura Ashley.

Dear Dress Lovers,

It was passion at first sight.  Laura Ashley.  Corduroy.  One of my loves.  The absolutely perfect blend of blues (perfect blues, no less) and purples (lavender, mauve, burgundy).  Be still my heart.  I think the dress is 1980s; so I guess it is vintage-y instead of vintage.

Made in Great Britain.  Size 8.  Where have you been all my life?
I have been busy making grapevine wreaths to put up, to sell, for gifts.  For whatever.  Do you love to make things?  What are you making right now?

Are you sick of the Steve Madden boots yet?  Me either.  They are so easy.  Easy to put on.  Beautiful to look at.  Useful.  Easy on the feet.  I say invest in good boots.  At least one pair.  You won't regret it.
I don't care what anyone says.  Laura Ashley dresses fit wonderfully.  They fit so snugly and yet are not binding or constricting.  They are classic.  Maybe I should just start collecting them.  Oh yeah.  I already collect dresses.  Why limit myself?

A plethora of fabric flowers.  And they don't match.  But somehow they work with the outfit as a whole!

And lest you forget about my love affair with tights, well, here they are.  Perfectly suited to the dress.  Dress lovers, I have been playing outside, and of course the stones in front of me are homemade from cement.  I need to get busy and make more.  (And rake.  ~blush blush~)

Here it is December, and we have been having unseasonably warm weather.  I have been noticing this pincushion flower looking like it is going to bloom!  Maybe it wants to come out and celebrate this floral dress?  
I made the birdbath in the background.  Oh, dress lovers, I so much love working with my hands.  My dream is to have a store some day, and I must admit, the Mr. has entertained many of my ideas, and I have been looking at properties and rental spaces.  Maybe some day. 

Life calls.  My granddaughter is at my feet even now, and I think we are going to go outside and play. 



  1. Hi Lynn,
    I've always loved Laura Ashley, be it clothing, fabric or whatever. When we lived in England we used to frequent one of her shops. Sheer heaven, although I couldn't afford much it was a delight!
    Pretty dress and tights!
    We are having very warm weather as well, not exactly Christmasy weather!

  2. Gosh I adore that dress! Like you I'm a big fan of vintage Laura Ashley, it's so romantic and flattering. You look beautiful Dylan.

  3. My Goodness,
    I once owned that dress, in sort of a dark background, with magenta and coral and green small flowers printed on it. Actually, I gave it to my Mom, who had it shortened. Didn't look as good that way, but she made a draft stopper out of the swatch remaining. She's 90, but I will tell her that maybe she needs bright tights, and some boots!
    Your blog is lovely, just found it today. I will visit often!

  4. I wore alot of Laura Ashley frocks just like this one when I was a teenager in the (late) 80's. My friends and I loved L.A. Funny I haven't stepped foot in a L.A. shop for ages! It looks lovely on you Lynn - gorgeous colours x

    p.s your grapevine wreath is beautiful.

  5. I'm knitting more flags to hang around the backyard. The dress has got to be 80's, those sleeves are a dead give away. I got a pair of Madden Girl boots for my birthday(thank you DSW) I love 'em.

  6. I've sold that dress in red! Such a typical Laura Ashley style with those puffy shoulders and fitted bodice and it looks so pretty on you. the boots are perfect with it. x

  7. I love those Laura Ashley dresses but alas never find them in my size. It looks gorgeous and obviously you have to wear it with boots and tights. Those flowers go really well with it

  8. Lovely colours, so typically 80s Laura Ashley with the pouffed-up shoulders and full skirt. It looks to be a perfect fit and so pretty on you, Lynn! xx

  9. What a pretty dress! My friend is on a constant hunt for the perfect Laura Ashley dress.

  10. What a wonderful find - I adore the length and puffed sleeves, and the palette is indeed perfect on you! Thank you for showing us all of the incredible things you make - you are so skilled across so many media, how fabulous!

  11. This is one of my fave dresses of yours, which is saying a lot, because I love all your dresses, hats, shoes, accessories, hair styles, art, etc. :D

    Because of my diminutive stature, I cannot pull off Laura Ashley "as is", although I'd be willing to streamline/alter one if I ever found a floral pattern that looked good on me. Most of the time, in floral, I just look like curtains ate me, or that I fell into the sofa abyss.


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