Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Primitive Little Birdie Told Me

Dear Dress Lovers,
Into my little studio flew an idea for a primitive redbird.

And here she is.

Acrylic.  Oil.  Pencil.  Beeswax.

Outfit-wise, the little birdie whispered that she'd like to see a red belt!  And a red brooch.  (Sorry for the lack of close-up!)

Outfit details:

Jacket: Plugg
Blue shirt: Vintage Suzie
White "under" shirt: Only Hearts
Skirt: Confessions
Tights:  Scrap Exchange
Shoes:  XAppeal
Brooch:  Handmade by yours truly
Sparkly headband:  Goody

Flying away now!


  1. I love your sweet red bird!! It's a wonderful piece - I love beeswax as a medium although I've never used it.
    And you are beautiful in your outfit with the red punches. That last photo of you twirling with the bird is inspired.

  2. Love the primitive red bird. I adore red birds. We don't have cardinals out here in Oregon and I nearly lost my mind with joy the first time I saw one in real life when I was in Tennessee. They're so gorgeous.

  3. Red bird is cute.
    Outfit is cute!

    How do I keep missing all your posts?
    We must be incompatible in time!

  4. What a sweet little red bird. I love that you made it mix medium. Makes it so rich! And it fits right in with your other great works of art too.

  5. You are such a talented artist. I love it when you share your work.

    That skirt is a WOW!

  6. That's just wonderful - I love your artwork.

  7. I adore birds, and this is just a wonderful post again, my dear Dylan.

  8. Beautiful, love that look stunning x

  9. wonderful, he's fantastic and the frame is perfect. Looking as dreamy and romantic as always x

  10. that's a beautiful and sooooo romantic outfit, I love the skirt and that cute little red belt. You look gorgeous Lynn! Not to mention that painting, which is also totally dreamy and gorgeous :)

  11. Love the red bird! Love your outfit! Love you and the redbird in the last photo! Love it all! I am curious how beeswax is used in your painting.

  12. I really adore you in this outfit.. NOW< how on earth did you do the sepia tones on all but the painting in the last photo? I am trying to figure it out because of love the effect. Have a great Christmas, I am sure you have the right outfit to wear!

  13. I love your art Lynn, it shines through in everything you do. You're an inspiration. xx

  14. Gorgeous little red bird!
    And that final photo is beautiful, lovely lovely.
    Hope you and your family have a delightful Christmas, Lynn. xxxxx

  15. What a beautiful piece of artwork, and I just love your twirly skirt and hairstyles!


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