Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lavender Dotted Swiss and Another Weird Doll

Dear Dress Lovers,

Swoon!  More dotted swiss!  I was totally in love when I saw this lavender dotted swiss blouse.

And while Eric-Bob is right here on my shoulder, why don't I go ahead and tell you that I am joining Thorne Garnet in her weird doll Wednesday
I make dolls, you see, and this one is named from a funny story (long story, actually) regarding one of my sons.  Anyway.  Meet Eric-Bob.  A "Barefoot in the Garden" doll.

He's offered to chicken-sit for his best friend, and he has suddenly realized, not only is he in love with urban gardening and chickens, he is in love with his best friend Emma!!

skirt:  Abercrombie and Fitch, thrifted
blouse:  New Directions, thrifted
vest:  no tag, thrifted
leggings:  Danskin, new
boots:  Steve Madden, new
pin:  Handmade by yours truly
doll:  Handmade by yours truly


  1. Dylan, you are so authentic and original. Love this entire silhouette on you. You look like you fit right into the world where your dolls live.

  2. Lovely layering; I especially love the pin. I can't believe you made it; it's so fabulous!

  3. I don't know what dotted swiss is, but I am assuming from the photo it is what I would call broderie anglaise. Very pretty, such a sweet colour, and Joni is quite right, the silhouette of the fitted waistcoat and flared skirt is lovely on you.
    Eric-Bob look rather melancholy. Perhaps his hen is sick, like Amber's Maryjane... xxx

  4. What a bizarrely cool doll! I love it.

    You look fab in that vest! It really makes your shape look hourglass.

  5. You make dolls?? How magical. I love weird dolls Wednesday.
    That pink blouse is glorious, and so are you; unique Dylan.

  6. Awesome! He's so cute. Love your outfit and , wow, you have such long hair!

  7. You're so creative Lynn, every blog you seem to surprise me with something new. I love your little hand made doll and his story and you look beautiful here with your long skirt and long hair flowing. xx

  8. I am in love with Eric-Bob and your skirt! I have no idea how you find the time to be so creative and artsy. I'm having trouble just trying to set up an area for my sewing machine :o

  9. I love the lilac blouse! it looks fantastic with the waistcoat, full skirt, chunky boots and your flowing locks. Very Western Romance! I love it. I like Eric Bob - I hope his best friend likes him back xx

  10. I love your waist coat and full skirt! Eric-bob is such a fun little guy.

    (Re your comment: Lynne came to see me here in Tennessee, otherwise I'd love to meet up with you guys.)

  11. Oh Lynn - who wouldn't love gentle and dear Eric-Bob back? You are absolutely lovely. Your full skirt and blouse are divine with the vest, boots, and pin. This post has stayed with me - today we entrust the care of our hen MJ to the universe.

  12. I love this outfit: the long pastel skirt, the pink blouse with puff sleeves combined with the black vest and boots. Great combination! Your hair is so long and simply wonderful.

  13. you look amazing-great outfit. another for my lookbook ;)


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