Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Maxi Dress with Tiny Flowers and Granny Boots (and a partner)

Dear Dress Lovers,

Thank you all for your very sweet and kind comments.  I love them!  And welcome to new readers!  I love hearing from you, and I love that your visits lead me, in turn, to your own lovely blogs!  I have found so much inspiration and help out there, reading what you all have to say. 

This morning I put on one of my favorite long dresses for some morning time in the garden.  Vix, this dress totally makes me think of you!

I think this maxi dress may be homemade.  There is no label, and the lace, trim, and stitching are definitely reminiscent of something homemade.  I do think it's vintage.  Reminds me of the 1970s, which is a good thing since Sarah of Misfits Vintage has invited everyone to rejoice this week over flowers.  She has declared it FLORAL WEEK.  If the 1970s were not a time of Flower Power, I don't know if there ever was a time of Flower Power!

I love the bright morning sunlight in the garden.  It does something for a woman's soul!

Perhaps I can darken it up a bit, though, to show you the LOVERLY blue tiered skirt on this dress!

Kneeling down to talk to the flowers.  Sarah, are you getting this??

A little more detail.  My Steve Madden boots.  The tiny FLORAL print on the dress is scrumptious!  Will show you the beautifully detailed leather belt in just a momento.


Sun, please warm my face.  But then again, don't.  I don't care to acquire anymore wrinkles at this point!

Fall is approaching in my neck of the woods, but I pulled the pink to the forefront of this rose picture, just in celebration of FLORAL WEEK.

Long hair, always in fashion IMHO.

A closer look at the Silver Creek belt.

maxi dress:  thrifted
belt:  Silver Creek, thrifted
tights:  new
boots:  Steve Madden, new


  1. You look wonderful, dear !:) I like your dress, looks fab with your hair like that!

  2. I love the floral maxi with the boots; perfect styling!

  3. You look ethereal in those photos the way the light is shining. I love your interpretation of "floral week." What wonderful delicacy, and then balanced with your granny boots.

  4. I love that gorgeous prairie dress - always whimsical and lovely! Welcome to Floral Week! Sarah xxx

  5. Hello lovely prairie lady with the longer than I can believe hair. I am shocked, I did not know that your beautiful tresses were so long and well, so beautiful. I would have bought that dress and belt too. You are a beautiful woman Lynn. dawn suitcase vignettes

  6. Such a pretty frock, very Laura Ingalls Wilder, especially with the lace-up boots!
    And your hair never ceases to amaze me!
    We could do with some of that sunshine over here, please... xxx

    1. Sending you sunny thoughts, Curtise! Wish I could send some real sunshine! xoxo

  7. Amazing post!I love your interpretation of this floral week, you added a fairy tale mood to this theme and your photos reminds me of Lewis Carrol's girls!The dress is beautiful and the black boots give a victorian vibe to the whole outfit! I love your hair and the bride dresses too!


  8. Great post!!

    Really love your style and posts!!

    A blog like this deserves following!

    Hope to see you back on mine for a peek :)




  9. what a pretty and romantic dress! and long hair is always in style!!

  10. I love it. You have great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other?

  11. You're right, that dress is totally me! It's so pretty and boho and looks perfect with your tumbling locks and cool boots. Long hair is timeless! xxx

  12. That's one gorgeous dress and nice belt! I love your long curly hair! So pretty! ヅ

    P.S. How about following each other on GFC and Bloglovin? ヅ


    Thanks! ヅ

    1. Hello Lynn! ヅ

      Thank you so much for your prompt response.
      Glad to follow you back on GFC#55, Bloglovin 3 and Google+ #2. ヅ

  13. Oh, I love the boots with the tender blue floral here. And your hair--I think I need some tips on how to manage mine now that it is growing longer.

  14. The lovely waterfall of your hair and rippling blue floral tiers, grounded by your great boots - liquid floral, and oh so beautiful, Lynn!

  15. Dylan, you are so beautiful, and that dress is wonderful. I love the detailed tooling on the belt.

    And yes, long hair is always in :)

  16. The belt is gorgeous, you need to stop torturing me with all this beautiful prarie fashion. Vic introduced me to Natural Kei - have I mentioned this before, cos I know you'd love it.

  17. Your dress is so pretty with your long flowing hair!

    Also re: bubblehems - it was your post! Thanks for the inspiration, I managed to make my own bubble-esque dress thanks to your post.


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